​This website is about the good, the bad

& the ugly things of life: mine and yours.

You see the wonderful colours,

In all the wide world around,

The colour of one is equal in sum,

Be it pink or black or brown.

You see the colour of humour,

The rich colour of music's melody,

Then the colours of my bright tights,

Like a man from a mars menagerie,

You see the colour of characters,

That you may meet in the street,

Don't be afraid of their colour,

Or their language less discrete.

Embrace this life and so learn,

The true meaning of love's value,

Look past the scorn proof mask,

& You'll find a human just like you. ​​



Boy Pink


"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!" - Charlie Chaplin


Designed and written by Bushy, 2015. 

I'm a Clown without a Town

I'm a clown without a town,

I'm a buffoon in a desert room,

I'm a court jester in polyester,

I'm a fool without dress rules.

My context is always spandex,

My chosen weapon for depression,

Therefore I walk in garish garb,

To disarm it's death dipped barb.

Lycra or not I'm walking hot,

Dressed in pink with inky socks,

Desert roads where no one goes,

It's lunacy to the nth degree.

But madness is what it takes,

For the black dog curse to break,

Choose your style with a smile,

Then practice it and do not quit.

​My fascination in imagination,

Helps me survive and often thrive,

In an ocean of endless emotion,

I float alone in my pink boat.

Thinking beyond the boring square,

I imagine that which is not there,

Dress in tights to suit that flair,

Then out to walk my daily dare.

So if you pass my illumined form,

Be in smile and honk your horn,

And if you want I'm always free,

To talk-n-walk a mile with thee.

​​​​So I dance in the desert, and along highways and byways.

"Most people I know

think that I'm crazy,

and I don't want to

let them down" Boy Pink


Boy Pink​ 

Its Payback Style

The most politically polite and poetically playful payback: is to continue to be the very person who was rejected by ones family, friends and fem-ex-wife, 

with a daily unbridled and jovial joy.  

Boy Pink


An outback duet balancing act.

A delightful woman and the wife of one Al, whom I both met at the remote Plots camping ground, Forrestania. There was no time delay needed to reheat their humanity as they were ready to be hugged, as is, the very warm human people that they proved to be. They both became a great encouragement to this Boy hermit in the heat of the WA summers day.  

Perhaps a Poem may help? 

I love the smell of hot pink nail polish in the morning.

Next to strong coffee its my only other legitimate high.

Boy Pink



"My playground is the desert,

and my stage is the road".

Boy Pink 

I love to go prospecting

in the desert,

for people:

"My Costume is my Human Metal Detector"

On a good day I might strike it rich,  

and get a warm conversation with one or two people,  

and I go home happy and contented,

 if hugs are exchanged I go home happy, contented,

and a feeling little bit more human.

Boy Pink