I was very interested to learn that Mahatma Gandhi had a well rounded sense of humour:

"If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed  suicide" - Mahatma Gandhi

Send in the Satire

​​​​​​Boy Pink


Why Boy


Boy Pink​ 

Why Dance

Movement is Life and Life is Movement.

If you feel rejected, alone and depressed the chances are you will not feel like moving. One way to enlist movement is to use Techno Music, - put your headphones on or place a CD on your favourite hi-fi system and turn it up loud. Stand in the middle of the room, (or street-:) and you will find something magical will happen - you will start moving your body to the music. It matters not how you move, but only that you allow the music to move your body, and in time your soul.

Prior to January 2014, I did not know what dancing or Techno music was. I found some music cd's at the town rubbish tip, where I work two days a week. I looked at them and thought to myself, "these are all young peoples music" which I was not familiar with at all. I culled them down to only one hand full and placed them in my car to take home. When I got home I took another look at the cd"s and chose one out of the bunch, which was called "Ministry Of Sound" and placed it into the cd player. I chose this cd because I thought it was a christian music cd. Once it started playing I soon realised that it was nothing of the sort, however I instantly became enamored with the wonderful beat and began to move my body to the music. 

I was let loose like a thoroughbred from the starting gates of disco heaven.

A touch of a strangers rubbish had just created a disco dancing monster. I then danced my way from Hyden to Sydney and back in pink tights, via a wacky road trip. That very cd is still my favourite among my collection of Techno Music albums.

​I use techno music, through ipod and pink headphones, to accompany dancing in the street, or while Home Alone. 

"It is near impossible to be dancing and feel depressed at the same time."  

Boy Pink


This website was originally created to tell the story about a man who lives alone without family or friends, at an isolated bush block on the Rabbit Proof Fence, in rural Western Australia.

After suffering from anxiety and depression for some years, he decided to make a radical change in his thinking and approach to coping with being alone in a remote location.

By using his imagination and skills as a performer, he decided to refocus his reason for "getting out of bed" - down to one simple enjoyable activity: getting dressed up in a costume and walking every day - out in the desert, - and dancing in the street when he felt the need for a top up of joy.  

Why Dress Up?  Because he loves putting on a costume. He had his own business writing and performing Singing Telegrams

in Sydney, for 25 years.Once a ham always a ham.

He started this daily pink walking regime on:

April Fools Day 2015,

(The Perfect Day) and considers it a proactive DIY therapy against the depression that has plagued him for the past 7 years.

This man is I,
Boy Pink, the proud owner of nobody and lover of all, - especially those who love to dance or skip in the street.-:)

I live at the third rock from the fence (The Rabbit Proof Fence) in Forrestania, Western Australia.

Since starting this project on fools day in April 2015,  I am very pleased to tell you that the death wobbling and the death desiring fear has gone and the number of depressive days could be counted on only one hand.