Boy Pink​ 

Why Hug

One of the best uses for human

arms is to hug another human.

Boy Pink

 After receiving my divorce papers in the mail, in february 2014, I set off on a trip to Sydney as a wacky celebration of life after marriage. The following happened whilst I was in Sydney:

I was staying with my sister in the north shore suburb of Gordon, and I would daily enjoy to travel by train to the city for the amazing experience of seeing lots of people, and interacting with them. On the day in mention I got off the train at St James station, and walked through the long underground tunnel (singing "most people I know think that I'm crazy" as the acoustics were unbelievable), and I eventually appeared out into the busy streets of Sydney - a stranger.
When the lights turned green I went with the pack of humanity across the street where David Jones stood on the corner.  At the next block, on the corner was a homeless man sitting down on his folded blanket with a few coins displayed in front of him. He looked very dishevelled, unshaven and thin. He looked as if no body owned him, a homeless man. I retrieved some coins from my pocket and placed them upon his blanket. And as I placed them down I thought to myself, "I can do better than this" - so I spoke to the man and said:  "Would you like a hug"
Without saying one word, he sprang to his feet as quick as if he were a young person - and he placed his arms around me tighter than any family member had ever hugged me.
When I felt his state of absolute need for such warmth, I hugged him equally tight - and in hug time - we held each other for a long time. As I held him and sensed his need, I began to firmly but softly stroke his back as one does a little baby, and he held me tight without any sign of letting go.
Then after some moments he released, and without one single word - sat back down on his blanket to resume his life as a homeless man.
Had either of us said one word - it would have robbed the moment if it's wonder and feeling.

I have never before or most likely never will have anybody hug me like that again.

There are many people in our fractured society who would like to feel the warmth of another human being embracing them. They are the people who nobody talks to, the different, the misfits, the invisible, those who for what ever reason are considered to be: not quite up to par, by the majority.


Last night I cried,
I cried for about one hour,
My tears were not sweet,
But more like salted sour.

Last night I cried,
Because I was alone,
With no one within miles,
No one to ring my telephone.

Last night I cried,
Wishing I could cry more,
Hoping that someone might hear,
And come knocking on my door.

Last night I cried,
But not because of fear,
It was the fact that no one,
Is never ever near.

Then in the night I woke in fright,
But not in any fright of fear,
It was a fright of pure delight,
That you were so closely near.

I remembered how you suffered,
You were a man of sorrows also,
Your sorrow was bearing my sins,
And your death removed them slow.

I remembered how you were rejected,
And that all men turned their faces away,
They cared not that you were innocent,
They cared not what you had to say.

I remembered what Isaiah said of you,
That you were lonely and so despised,
And that no one came to your aid,
As they took you to be crucified.

As I was thinking of you,
My aloneness faded to dust,
I found in your presence Lord,
The reality of you I can trust.

Now I give thanks for my tears,
That they cleared my eyes to see,
You, and that you are present,
That you are right here beside me.

Now I give thanks that I'm alone,
And for the time that it allows me,
To spend with you in communion,
To seek you and your humility.

I'm not saying that I won't cry again,
For the want of one warm human friend,
But now that my trust in you is renewed,
I will start walking with you once again.

But I know I cant survive,

Without your daily grace help,

I need you Lord, I need you,

Like trousers need a belt.

I cant do this walking alone,
You know my weaknesses galore,
Please lead me in your way,
Help me to love you more & more.

Then help me to do this one thing,

To feel for those who are all alone,

And when they come across my path,

Welcome them with arms like a home.

Boy Pink

1st May 2016