Boy Pink



For example; when my youngest daughter was around 7 years old she would paint pink hearts, cut them out, and write the words:  “I Love You Daddy” in each heart and then she would hide them all over the house and even in my work shed. So I would be getting dressed and find a heart in my shoe or working in the shed and find one in amongst my work tools. It was always a very wonderful surprise to find those little pink hearts.

Therefore, I am now living my life as on a one man "Mission from God" to continue what my little girl did for me, although packaged very differently. I do what I do with as much Inspiration, Imagination and Innocence that I am able to muster, so as to surprise people with an expression of completely unexpected pink love. In the same spirit that I would find the little pink hearts in unexpected places, all those years ago, I seek to be a living pink creative heart, that people find unexpectedly crossing their daily life path.

The only difference is I use my own brand of wacky dress and humour to make the interaction much more startling, entertaining and less likely to be forgotten by them. They smile, they laugh and they feel something in a world that is becoming less able to feel. 

​I think my little girl chose a great colour to paint her hearts of love, those thirty plus years ago, and I am honoured to be the ambassador of pink tidings on her behalf. Pink performs very well, and stands out with great effect in the desert, or anywhere at all.

Why Pink


Boy Pink​