Boy Pink​ 

Why Pray.

     The first item of question and answer in the Westminster Shorter Catechism,is:

Q. What is the chief purpose for which man is made?

A. The chief purpose for which man is made is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.

We glorify God when we be the person whom God created us to be, and do the things that He gifted us to do, for Him.

An eagle hovers upon the thermal updraft and we stand in awe of her wonder and beauty, as she glorifies the God who made her.

A singer sings and touches our hearts deeply, and we are in awe of their God given talents etc etc.

The second part of that answer is: To Enjoy Him Forever. 

To enjoy God is a great privilege of his grace towards us.

To enjoy someone requires a relationship and it requires communication and conversation - that is what prayer is - talking to God and getting to know him better with the help of his love letter to us, the bible.

When I dress up in the most ridiculous of costumes and walk or dance in the streets - I feel His pleasure upon me. Why? because that is what He gifted me to do.  I know that God has a sense of humour - to have created such a motley man as I, (and quite a few of you as well) - He must have one.

Have a great Day.  


Boy Pink,  2015